Music video clip, 6' 10''
Belluno, Italy, 2018

"Sotto La Grandine" from the full-lenght album SUSPECTRA by Mauro Sommavilla.
Featuring Vittoria Burattini (Massimo Volume). Produced by Marcello Batelli (Il Teatro degli orrori, Non voglio che clara), Mauro Sommavilla and Vittoria Burattini. - -

Through sequences of aerial shots we explore spaces at first looking ethereal and then getting more and more concrete. Details from a forest disclose some weird glowing sun beams.  A thick fog, dense of light, seems to swallow up everything.

Ballard’s The Crystal world tells the beginning of an Apocalypse in which nature becomes the victim of an unexplainable crystallisation
of all living beings. In our video there’s a witness, the only survivor of this climate Apocalypse, who  yield to his unavoidable transformation in this changed world. 

Director Kinonauts
DOP Kinonauts
Post-production Kinonauts
Production Bombadischi

Location Belluno (Italy)