In order to communicate the peculiarity of the services provided by Casa Flora, we've been asked to design a video strategy that tells Casa Flora birth. We planned to narrate the whole house construction till its first opening and than concentrate on the service provided by the client to the guests, in this case the Venice lagoon experience. 

The Romanelli family has been running the Hotel Flora for more than 50 years. In 2002, Gioele Romanelli together with his wife Heiby realized that contemporary hotels should provide an experience more than just a “beautiful bedroom with restroom.”  Some years later they gave birth to Casa Flora, a place that explores a new concept of hospitality, one where visitors become an integral part of a living city.

Client Casa Flora
Director Kinonauts
DOP Kinonauts
Post-production Kinonauts
Music Giulio Favero
Production Hotel Flora
Location Venice Lagoon