Documentary, Installation 23' 40''
Santiago, Cuba, 2016

Three screens, three characters, three realities captured by the camera and the same out of field. Osvaldo, Ruben and Jose are three young archaeologists recruited to restore the Fraternidad, historical site dispersed in the Sierra Maestra. The survival course has start and tomorrow can wait. .

Morivivì has been produced during the residency progam organized by Microclima in Santiago de Cuba (2015) as part of the project Los Caminos del Cafè.

Director Enrico Casagrande + Kinonauts
DOP Casagrande + Kinonauts
Post-production Casagrande + Kinonauts
Production Microclima

Location Santiago (Cuba)

Serra dei Giardini, Venice, 2016
Nice, France, 2017