Short, 9' 29''
Pietracamela, Italia, 2023

The Lizard Festival is a carnivalesque staging that has as its backdrop the semi-abandoned village teeming with mosses and small reptiles. Here the human presence is linked to the memory of a past made up of songs, cos- tumes and peasant rituals: symbols of a time when man was closely linked to the land, as plants and animals still are today.

Carraro wants to create a sort of symbolic path within the village where fleet- ing animal figures appear from time to time. Ephemeral apparitions that recall the neurotic flight of reptiles in their spring awakening.
Animals and plants have always had a symbolic power for peasant peoples and in the artist’s project they become the new souls of the village.

Artist Simone Carraro
Curator Andrea Croce
Director Kinonauts
DOP Kinonauts
Post-production Kinonauts                                                                                                                      

Production Fondazione Elpis - Una boccata d'arte 2023
Location Pietracemela     (Italia)