Short Documentary 16' 1''
Italy, 2017

Huáyì is a colletion of notes that attempts to give voice to a new generation of Italians, young Chinese that grew up in different Italian contexts and forced to confront the question of self and identity. The film captures fragments of stories that tell us of young men and women stuck between three worlds: one to which their parents belonged to, Italy in which they grew up and contemporary China, which they struggle to understand.

Screened at MUDEC Milan for DocuCity 2017, EPIC Montréal 2017 and The Athens Ethnographic Film Festival 2017.

Director Yuebai Liu + Kinonauts
DOP Kinonauts

Post-production Kinonauts
Music Jumpin' Quails + Qi Zitan
Production Liu + Kinonauts

Location Roma, Firenze, Milano (Italy)

MUDEC, Milan, 2017
EPIC, Montréal, 2017
Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, 2017